Young people’s input sought on City budget

The City recently announced $1 million has been allocated to “Youth Lead the Change,” a project that allows the City youths to help decide where some funds from the City budget should be spent, according to a press release.

City youths last year voted to fund several projects, including enhancing community parks and installing security cameras.

“By engaging our young people in city government, we are training the next generation of leaders to think critically about how government can better serve our residents. I am proud that we will be able to build on last year’s success and continue to give Boston’s youth a voice in their future,” said Mayor Martin Walsh, according to the press release.

Youth Lead the Change has hosted several brainstorming sessions. Kelly Baker of Sociedad Latina, a youth-oriented organization on Mission Hill, said it is involved with the project and has been sending members to the sessions. But, she said, Sociedad Latina is not as involved as it had been in the past, with the organization having no members on the project board this year. Baker said she thinks that is because the City tries to rotate the organizations who sit on the board.

Youths can also participate by submitting ideas through or by texting 844-952-5323.

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