Letter: Senior group deserves recognition

I thought that you would like to know about the organization called ”The Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly,” because they don’t seem to get any recognition. They never forget me. We have coffee and conversations a lot, dinners that are beautiful, and at Thanksgiving and Christmas, they really put on a wonderful celebration for us seniors. They provide transportation to all these events. Volunteers from “The Little Brothers” also visit shut-ins and bring flowers, sparkling cider, cards, and cookies. I appreciate them so much; I have benefited from their services for more than four years.

People can’t imagine or even describe what it is like to being a wheelchair, not being able to walk, and just watch the paint in the room peel. It numbs your mind. “The Little Brothers” visits and events bring joy into my life. And they always come.

Elizabeth Sanborn

Mission Hill resident

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