City set to release RFPs on vacant land

The City’s Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) plans to release a request for proposals for 10 vacant City-owned lots on Mission Hill sometime in the middle of this month, according to DND spokesperson Kerry O’Brien.

John Feuerbach of DND had said previously it would be released in February.

The City held a community meeting last year on the vacant land where suggested uses ranged from open space to housing development. The City is expected to issue a RFP for each property.

The vacant lots are at 725-729R Parker St., 708 Parker St., 3 Morton Place, 6-8 Gore St., 40-42 Terrace St., 132 Terrace St., 21-23 Wensley St., 52-58 Fisher Ave., 53 Wensley St., and 8 Bickford Ave.

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