Developers tweak 1457 Tremont St. project

The developers of the proposed 1457 Tremont St. development have made slight alterations to the project and plan to file a project notification form with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) in the coming weeks.

Leland and Suzanne DiMeco, a Mission Hill-based husband and wife development team, are planning to redevelop the vacant Roxbury Council Knights of Columbus building. Suzanne DiMeco spoke with the Gazette last summer about their plans at that time to build a 40-unit, five-story mixed-use project.

Since then, they have switched up the development team, bringing in a new architect. Suzanne DiMeco said in a recent phone interview that they still plan on having a 40-unit building, but that the visual exterior has been “changed and updated” and that the first floor has been opened up, now allowing for two retail spaces.

The project was always intended to be energy sufficient, but Suzanne DiMeco said they have added another environmentally-friendly certification, this time dealing with the air quality inside the building. She said that it will be the first time in the city of Boston that a project will have such a certification.

Suzanne DiMeco said they have been meeting with BPDA and the community on the project. She said that a concern that the community has expressed has been over the possibility of undergraduate students living at the new building. But, DiMeco said, the community and the development team are on the same page about not having undergraduates live at the new building.


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