Move-in day traffic details

Student move-in day—the annual Sept. 1 tradition of a new crop of student tenants moving into apartments on the Hill—used to conjure images of trash-strewn sidewalks and moving-truck gridlock.

But, no more, Will Onuoha from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services told the Gazette.

“Last year was super-smooth. It is never perfect, but we have a comprehensive plan to get people and trash on and off the street,” he said. “It will keep moving. It will keep moving.”

Here are the details:

• Parking on most streets will be restricted to one side of the street, with posted signs indicating that the other side is reserved for moving trucks

• St. Alphonsus Street will be turned into a one-way street heading down the hill from Calumet Square to Tremont Street.

• Parker Hill Ave. will be one-way heading up the Hill to the New England Baptist Hospital.

• People not engaged in moving will be encouraged to enter and exit the Hill via Back of the Hill.

• The City Department of Public Works will be doing trash pickups throughout the day, but Hill residents who put household trash on the curb will be issued green tickets and have to pay a fine.

• Moving trucks will have one hour to unload, and will then be allowed to park in overflow lots at New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Ave.; The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 230 The Fenway; and the former site of the O’Connor Funeral Home at 1558 Tremont St.

• City Inspectional Service Department officials wil be available throughout the day to conduct spot inspections of vacant apartments at the request of new tenants.

For more information, contact Onuoha at 635-2679.