Winsor School expansion approved

The Winsor School’s 10-year expansion plan, which includes a 10-story tower and a new 100,000-square-foot performance arts and wellness center, was approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s (BRA) board on Sept. 15. Construction is not expected to start until next year.

The 300,000-square-foot tower, planned for the corner of Brookline and Longwood avenues, will house medical research facilities and will be leased to a future as-yet undecided partner.

The expansion plan also includes plans for a possible 30,000-square-foot addition to the existing academic building.

The plan states that both existing athletic fields would be preserved, keeping Winsor’s campus about 60 percent open space.

The first phase of this project is not expected to break ground before summer 2012 and would demolish the existing gym and replace it and the adjacent parking lot with a state-of-the-art performance arts and wellness center.

The tower project is not planned to break ground until 2015 at the earliest, according to developers. Winsor would lease the use of the land to a private developer, who would then build the tower within the outline created by Winsor and approved by the BRA in a process called “ground leasing.”

The tower’s lease income will be used to finance the construction of Winsor’s own buildings.

About 500 parking spaces would be created below grade to replace the surface lot.

The Winsor school currently has 435 students and is planning for “modest” growth—about 10 percent—over the next decade, according to school officials.


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