Cops used ID in 2012 urination arrest

The failure of Boston Police officers to track down a man whose wallet and ID were found at the scene of a September 2012 Mission Hill attack looks even stranger when similar evidence was used the same month to arrest a suspect for public urination.

The Boston Police Department (BPD) did not issue a press release about the Sept. 28, 2012 attack on a woman on Parker Hill Avenue. But it did issue a press release about a Sept. 2, 2012 public urination bust on the same street, where the suspect allegedly left behind his shorts containing his wallet.

The press release about that arrest was posted the next day at, illustrated with a cartoon image of a pair of shorts and bearing the comical headline, “If You’re Gonna Run from the Police…Try Not to Leave Your Pants Behind.” It described how the suspect lost his shorts while allegedly fleeing from police officers. Officers used the suspect’s ID in his wallet to immediately go to his home address. While he turned out not to be home, officers located him on Parker Hill Avenue and arrested him.

BPD also extensively publicized two local streets attacks on women that happened in June of this year.

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