BIDMC, Baptist team on orthopedics

New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) announced Feb. 5 that they are teaming up to offer orthopedic care.

NEBH, at 125 Parker Hill Ave. in Mission Hill, is the only hospital in New England specializing in orthopedic care and already has a strong reputation in the field. BIDMC, located in the Longwood Medical Area, ranks nationally in a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.

The two hospitals will form a “strategic relationship to create one of the nation’s top destinations for orthopedics,” according to a press release.

It is unclear exactly how the partnership will be structured, but the hospitals will remain separate and independent organizations. The deal will first need approval from the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission.

“This partnership is an exceptional opportunity to combine the expertise of our respective institutions and create greater value for consumers, employers and [health insurance] payors,” said Trish Hannon,  NEBH’s president and CEO. “Our two institutions share a common vision for a system of orthopedic care that leads the region and nation, and together we have the capability to ensure that it happens.”

“Strong affiliations, in which combined strengths can be leveraged, are critical success factors for our future,” said Dr. Kevin Tabb, BIDMC’s president and CEO. “We recognize the strength of the NEBH brand for orthopedics and believe that working together, we will provide distinctly better care at lower costs, and in the longer term, we will significantly improve the health and mobility of all the people we will serve.”

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