Editorial: Remembering Dr. Amy Moreno

Dr. Ángel Amy Moreno, who taught at Roxbury Community College for three decades, is being mourned.

Amy Moreno was among the many people who transplanted from Puerto Rico to Boston in the 1970s and enriched citywide culture in every way.

Like many leaders in ethnic communities who serve as bridges to the culture at large, Amy Moreno took a Renaissance man approach to life.

He was a professor of history, an artist, a political leader, an active supporter of innumerable social service and arts nonprofits.

Amy Moreno’s long tenure on the Boston School Committee came to a premature end in 2007 amid controversy over a racially tinged email he issued as a joke. But following that public gaffe, he returned to esteemed community activities, including as a correspondent for the Boston-based Spanish-language newspaper El Mundo. As a photographer, he exhibited frequently and published a photography book in 2009.

A great way to pay tribute to his memory would be to emulate his multifaceted service to the city he loved.

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