Bus stop to move for tower

The “Serenity” development at 105a S. Huntington Ave. recently appeared before the City’s Public Improvement Commission (PIC), gaining approval for several aspects of the proposal, including moving a MBTA bus stop. But it is unclear where the overall project’s progress stands.

The 195-unit, multi-building development will include townhouses and apartment buildings of one-, two- and three-bedroom units targeted at graduate students and families. The project would also include 32 affordable units, 2,100 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 176 parking spaces in an underground garage. One of the buildings is to be 13 stories tall.

The developer, Anthony Nader, had told the Gazette last March that construction would start during the summer. The Gazette recently contacted Nader for an update. He responded that he would call the Gazette back, as he was in a meeting and that “we’re working on it.” Nader did not call the Gazette back.

The project appeared earlier last month before the PIC, which is a commission that reviews all permanent changes to the public right of way.

“The developer of 105a Huntington proposed new landscaping, an electric vehicle charging station, retaining walls and a specialty paving strip at the site,” said Mayor’s Office spokesperson Melina Schuler in an email to the Gazette. “In addition, the project includes a new site driveway and a loading dock, requiring several new curb cuts. In order to accommodate these curb cuts, the MBTA bus stop will need to be moved 100 feet down the road.”

She said that the PIC approved all the changes.

Meanwhile, spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said in an email that the MBTA has been in talks with the developer and the City about the proposed relocation, which is an outbound stop for the Route 39 bus at 105 S. Huntington Ave.

“The stop would be relocated approximately 100 feet to the north. The bus shelter would also be relocated,” he said.

Route 39, which runs between Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain and Back Bay Station, recently underwent an improvement project that was several years in the making, including the consolidation of some stops and improved amenities like new shelters and benches and “bump-out” curb extensions. The project was meant to speed service and improve accessibility.

Pesaturo said no Green Line stops would be affected by the Serenity project.

The Route 39 bus stop that will move, which is currently in front of where the “Serenity” development will be built. (Gazette Photo by Peter Shanley)

The Route 39 bus stop that will move, which is currently in front of where the “Serenity” development will be built. (Gazette Photo by Peter Shanley)

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