Trash pick-up woes hit Delle Avenue

Mission Hill resident Robert Francey says that trash pickup woes have struck Delle Avenue with sporadic to non-existent service, leading to overflowing trash bins and waste being left on the street. Similar complaints have been voiced around the city in the wake of the snowstorms.

“Sadly, missed trash pickups continue on Delle Avenue and may have even grown worse,” Francey said in an email to the Gazette.

He said that the only way residents can force the trash collector who the City contracts the service out to to show up is with repeated phone calls and emails to City Hall and elected officials. Francey said a single truck did recently arrive on the street, but managed to miss a “few overflowing barrels.”

He said a neighbor told him a confrontational City inspector came out to the neighborhood and blamed residents for “not putting the trash out early enough” and tried to deny culpability. Francey said residents pointed to cameras that cover the street and offered to let the inspector review footage, but he declined.

The Mayor’s Office did not respond to a request for comment.

“I should note that [Mission Hill City Councilor] Josh Zakim’s office has been good at listening,” said Francey. “But we have yet to notice a discernible difference in the level of service from [Public Works Department] or the [trash contractor].”

Trash piling up on Delle Avenue. (Photo Courtesy Robert Francey)

Trash piling up on Delle Avenue. (Photo Courtesy Robert Francey)

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