New NU dorm coming soon

Northeastern University (NU) is in the beginning stages of its next dormitory project, part of its recently-approved Institutional Master Plan (IMP).

NU is also nearing the opening of a new center, called Northeastern Crossing, targeted at members of communities surrounding NU, that will focus on scholarship, job and training opportunities.

At a May 10 IMP Advisory Group meeting, NU Vice President for Community and Governmental Outreach John Tobin said that NU is in the “final stages” of interviewing potential developers for a new student housing project that will create about 600 new on-campus beds.

Location of that new dorm is also almost finalized, NU vice president of campus planning and development Kathy Spiegelman said at that meeting. The location will likely be either Ryder Hall or the Burke St. lot, she said.

She added that NU will “hopefully” announce its developer this month.

“The goal is to have this ready by 2018,” she said.

The project will be a public-private partnership, like the controversial East Village tower located just behind the YMCA on Huntington Avenue.

“I don’t know yet what this [new dorm project] will look like,” Spiegelman said, noting that the east Village project was unique in the fact NU owns the parcel but not the building. She did say that neither site under debate is approved for a tower.

Northeastern Crossing is expected to open in August, Tobin said.

The $225 million Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC), located at 795 Columbus Ave., meanwhile, is scheduled to open by December 2016, Spiegelman said, but the pedestrian walkway known as the “Arc” may be ready later.

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