Editorial: Goddard House: A mixed bag

We are glad that the developers are preserving the 1927 Goddard Housing building, protecting a slice of history for our community.

Too often preservation is brushed aside in the greedy rush for money. One needs only to look at the 161 S. Huntington Ave. project for an example. There, the community lost the notable 1914 Knight building for what looks like an expensive college dormitory.

But while we appreciate the developers preserving the Goddard House building, we would like to see the number of affordable units raised beyond the minimum recommended by the City’s affordable-housing policy.

Too many people are being priced out of the city. Practically at every public forum around housing, the repeated refrain one hears is that the city needs more affordable housing. Kevin Moloney of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council had it right when he said, “The bare minimum isn’t enough.”

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