Jury convicts in Mission Hill invasion

A Dorchester man was found guilty for a 2014 home invasion in Mission Hill, and sentenced to a five-year period of probation, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s (DA) Office.

Xavier Colon, 23, was convicted at the Suffolk Superior Court for home invasion, but was acquitted for two counts of armed robbery in connection to the incident. His sentence of probation mandates that he must obtain a GED, remain employed, stay away from the victims of the incident, and undergo an evaluation for substance abuse treatment.

A second man, Keith Glover, 39, pleaded guilty last year to two counts of armed robbery and a single count of home invasion for his role. He is currently serving a state prison sentence. A third co-defendant, Kenneth Rodriguez, 24, fled Massachusetts prior to his 2014 arraignment and remains at large.

Colon and Glover forced their way into an Iroquois Street apartment shortly before 12:30 am on May 7, 2014, according to the DA’s Office. Colon was armed with a knife, and Glover with a gun, which he pointed at the five men inside the apartment as he ordered them to the ground. The intruders demanded marijuana, but were told that there was none in the apartment. Assistant District Attorney Laura Montgomery of the DA’s Major Felony Bureau sought to prove that Colon and Glover took $1,600 from one victim and another victim’s wallet before they fled.

A witness called 911 after observing victims fleeing the home invasion through the windows of the basement-level apartment.

During the course of an investigation by Boston Police, it was discovered that one of the men inside the apartment, Rodriguez, was not a victim of the crime but an alleged participant who was known to Colon and Glover, prosecutors said.  At trial, Montgomery presented security camera footage that captured Rodriguez entering the Iroquois Street building with Colon and Glover following him. Video showed Rodriguez allegedly gesture for the men following him to go in a different direction once inside the building; Colon and Glover can then be seen wandering the hallways before entering the victims’ apartment approximately 20 minutes after Rodriguez was allowed inside.

During a post-Miranda interview with Boston Police, Colon identified himself in images capturing the home invasion and made statements that he had entered the apartment armed and with the intent to demand marijuana.  A sweatshirt he was observed wearing during the home invasion was located by Boston Police in Colon’s bedroom at his Shandon Street home, the evidence showed.


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