Imagine Boston using Legos to engage with residents

Imagine Boston 2030 announced the creation of its “Engagement Team,” which will visit Mission Hill and other community events in Boston neighborhoods this fall to gather feedback from residents on how to improve Boston through 2030, according to a press release.

“I am excited to launch the next iteration of Imagine Boston 2030’s engagement plan to make sure that all voices are included in our planning process,” said Mayor Martin Walsh, according to the press release. “The best way to engage with residents is in their own neighborhoods, and by bringing the conversation to them we hope for many productive discussions that will help shape our city’s future.”

Over the past year, Imagine Boston 2030 team has engaged with more than 12,000 Boston residents, learning about their visions for Boston in 2030, according to the press release. The team sent out a call to action in early September requesting community organizations throughout Boston to host them at local events, and received many positive responses.

The team will use various engagement tools to encourage interaction and hands-on involvement, including Legos.

“We are excited to get Bostonians’ input on how we should collectively shape Boston’s future for 2030,” said Rebekah Emanuel, executive director of Imagine Boston 2030, according to the press release. “The Legos make the choices we are looking at together both concrete and hands-on.”

The programs at the engagement events will include requests for resident input on areas where Boston can grow; a presentation on ways to protect the Boston waterfront from the impacts of climate change; and an all-ages Lego activity to demonstrate key issues Imagine Boston is addressing.

All events are free and open to the public. The current schedule of events is planned for the coming weeks, and Imagine Boston will add more as requests are received. To add your event listing or find out about more events, visit

The Mission Hill event will be on Oct. 25 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Mission Hill Farmers Market at Roxbury Crossing T Station.

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