Mission Hill Main Streets moves

Mission Hill Main Streets (MHMS), a business promotion organization, is moving to a new location at 812 Huntington Ave.

The Gazette spoke with Mission Hill Main Streets Executive Director Richard Rouse on Feb. 27 as the boxes were being filled up. He said he expected to be up and running in the new place in two days—if the movers returned his call.

Rouse said that MHMS had been at the old location—1534 Tremont St.—for about ten years, predating his taking over as executive director. He said one of the reasons the organization was moving was because of the rent going up.

Asked about upcoming events, Rouse said he is looking forward to an April 8 spring clean-up event with Northeastern University when “a couple hundreds of students” come out to spruce up the neighborhood.

“It’s a lot of fun and a lot of stuff gets done,” he said.

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