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Kudos to Kate Weldon, the executive director of Resolve New England, who was featured on WBZ television last month. Resolve New England counsels couples who are planning families, including adoption. Kate, from Mission Hill, has been director at Resolve N.E. in Waltham since 2015.

I’m reminded of Kate’s wonderful parents, the late Dan Weldon and Judy Weldon, who still lives on the Hill. On a Saturday evening back in the 1970s, Dan and Judy were at the Village Coach House, a popular Irish Pub in Brookline Village. The place was hopping and an Irishman, sitting next to the couple, got atop the table and started dancing and singing and the place erupted in applause. “You’re really good, you should do this for a living,” said Dan, who had no idea that the Irishman was Liam Clancy, part of the Clancy Brothers, the famous Irish folk band. Dan was a great guy and a sculpture of his famous scally cap with a few words commemorating Dan on a plaque sits a top of McLaughlin Park.

With my 50th Mission High School reunion on the horizon (Sept. 24 at the Dedham Hilton) I often reflect back on my awesome friends from the 1967 class who have passed away, including Kevin Fitzgerald, John Killion, and John Moreau, who was killed in the Vietnam conflict. John Moreau’s nephew, Mike Moreau, just completed his freshman year at Curry College. As was his uncle John, Mike is a fine baseball player and he was the starting second baseman at Curry.

It was cool stopping by the picturesque Francis Street Garden to wish Laura Adams a happy birthday last month. Laura is a delightful woman, who works with the elderly folks at Roxbury Tenants of Harvard. She was joined by many of her friends, including Mission Hill’s favorite nurse, Mary Allendorf. Another admirable nurse is Elaine Adams, from Mission Hill, who received her B.S. in nursing from Curry College last week.

A tip of the hat goes to lovely Bridgett Butterworth, who graduated from Boston College Law School last week. It’s nice to see the children of Mission Hill folks succeed. Bridgett’s dad is Bob Butterworth from the Mission Hill project. Bob and stardom crossed paths in 1973 when he appeared in the excellent movie, The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Bob is shown sitting near Robert Mitchum in a scene at the Boston Garden.

When I go to the Mission Church rectory, it’s always nice to be greeted by Rose Cotrone. Last week marked a 30-year milestone with Rose serving as secretary of Mission Church. Rose is a graduate of Mission Grammar and Mission High School.

It was cool chatting with Jake Vaughn last week at Flann O’Brien’s. Jake is an aspiring actor who has gotten his feet wet in a few low budget movies. He is the son of Mission Hill resident, Jack Vaughn. Jake has also done some stand up comedy.

Cornelius Walsh was also at Flann O’Brien’s last week, visiting his Mission Hill buddies. He was on leave from his military duty and he has served a combined five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks, Cornelius.

Robert “Robo” Payne celebrated his 80th birthday last week. Robert was the proprietor of Mechanical Cooling on Pontiac Street. Robert sponsored the “Owls Nest,” the celebrated Mission Hill Softball League team.

Jack Harrington was the recipient of the first annual Kevin Fitzgerald Award for his magnanimous donation to the Mission Grammar School. Jack was commended in a ceremony at Emmanuel College last week. Jack is a great guy and a few years ago he was featured for his philanthropy in Bill Brett’s wonderful book, “Boston’s Irish.”

I’ve been blessed to know Father Denis Sweeney and I’ll miss him, as Father Sweeney in leaving Mission Church for a new ministry in San Antonio, Texas. It was a beautiful farewell for Father Sweeney last Sunday with a cook out in the church garden.

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