Boston Building Resources fundraising for renovation

Boston Building Resources on Mission Hill has launched a fundraising campaign for a renovation for its building that houses its nonprofit Reuse Center, according to a press release.

The renovation will make it possible for the organization to receive and sell more used and surplus building materials at their Terrace Street location, thereby providing more local residents with affordable products to maintain, repair, and improve their homes.

The Campaign for the Next Generation Reuse Center will fund renovations that include a larger, more efficient receiving area to process more donated materials; an addition to the front of the building facing the parking lot; increased insulation for energy efficiency; an HVAC system for customer comfort; improvements to the checkout, displays, and lighting; better traffic flow by moving all incoming donations to the rear of the building; and a solar array to generate electricity.

“These renovations will allow the Reuse Center at Boston Building Resources to continue to grow,” said Matthew St. Onge, BBR president and executive director, according to the press release. “We have a great location here in Mission Hill, but the size of our land is limited, so the best way to increase our impact is to become more efficient so we can accomplish more within the space we have.”

The funding goal for construction is $835,350, with a stretch goal of $1,125,350 to include the solar array as well as an endowment to fund building maintenance. To date, approximately $650,000 has been raised from grants, gifts, and pledges, or roughly 78 percent of the construction goal.

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