Walsh, elected officials speak out after election; look towards future

Mayor Walsh, along with the Boston City Council, State Rep. Chynah Tyler, District Attorney Rachael Rollins, ad State Treasurer Deb Goldberg, held a press conference on Sunday following the announcement that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had won the election.

“We’re here to mark a historic moment for our country and our city,” Walsh said. “I want to congratulate president-elect Biden and vice president-elect Harris.”

Walsh continued, “I believe their election is good for Boston and is certainly good for America.”

Boston voters “overwhelmingly” voted for Biden and Harris, Walsh said, adding that Biden and Harris “understand who we are and the challenges that we face here as a city. They are dedicated to meeting those challenges side by side with us as partners.”

Walsh also said that Biden “understands what makes Boston strong,” as he has visited the city on many occasions.

Walsh said that Biden’s task force to beat COVID-19 will be beneficial, and praised Harris’ efforts fighting for justice for working families. 

“Like so many other Bostonians, she is a child of immigrant parents,” Walsh said of Harris, which will help to “expand the dreams of many people here in the City.”

Walsh said that there is still “so much work to do after this election,” including beating COVID-19, continuing work on building and preserving affordable housing, investments in public transportation—including bus and bike lane infrastructure—and work on the climate change and the environment. 

He also said that he looks forward to “working together to become the first city to write fair housing protections into our zoning code.” 

He said that all of this can only be done “by working together” and “supporting our vulnerable communities.”

Walsh said he hopes to work with communities across the region and the country on tackling these issues.

“With a partner in Washington, we’re going to be able to take bolder action,” Walsh said. “We can do this if we continue to work together.”

City Council president Kim Janey thanked the residents of Boston for voting in the election and “for making your voices heard…”

She said that closing the “enormous wealth gap” between white and black households, as well as working towards equity for all students in Boston Public Schools, creating safe and affordable housing, creating safe spaces for kids and families to walk and play, addressing the opioid crisis “humanely,” addressing climate change, and criminal justice reform are all issues  that Janey said are important to address moving forward.

“There is no going back to normal,” she said, and moving forward, the goal should be working “toward true freedom and justice for all, including those who have historically been left out of the American Dream.”

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