CAMH votes on three properties

The Community Alliance of Mission Hill (CAMH) met virtually on August 18, where it held a vote on three properties: 134 Terrace St., 154 Terrace St., and 1441 Tremont St. The Gazette previously reported on all three proposals.

Around 24 members of the public attended the meeting, with 15 eligible to participate in the vote. The group heard brief updates on the proposed projects before voting.

134 Terrace St.

Wyatt Komarin of Primary is proposing a six-story condo project, including a ground-level lobby and five market-rate condos with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. He is seeking variances for multifamily residence in a light industrial zone; insufficient off-street parking, rear yard, and usable open space; and excessive building height and floor area ratio. Construction would begin in the spring or summer of 2022.

Eighty-seven percent of attendees supported the project, and 13 percent abstained from voting. No one opposed it.

154 Terrace St.

The development team is proposing an 81-foot, seven-story building with 66 condos and 24 parking spaces. It would have approximately 74,500 square feet and a FAR of 5.7. Units will be one and two bedroom units.

The condos will impose restrictions on residential use, owner occupancy, and lease and rental occupancy. WinnCompanies plans to manage the condos once construction is completed, which could take several years.

Eighty-five percent of voters supported this project. Fifteen percent abstained from voting and none opposed.

1441 Tremont St.

Team Green Mission Hill is a proposed cannabis dispensary of about 1,000 square feet. It would create around twenty new jobs that pay a living wage, with a focus on hiring Boston residents and minorities impacted by cannabis criminalization. 

Sixty-seven percent voted in support of the project and 33 percent voted in opposition. There were no abstentions.

Developers do not require the support of the CAMH in order to move forward with their projects. They bring their proposals in front of the community group voluntarily in order to gauge community support.

CAMH meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, all meetings will be held on Zoom for the foreseeable future.

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