CAMH votes against Oswald Street project

The Community Alliance of Mission Hill met on June 15, discussing an Oswald Street property.

3 Oswald St.

The owner of 3 Oswald St., Janice Ye, wants to expand the existing living area into the attic, making Unit 3 a two-story unit. 

In response to a concern over drainage, Ye said she will be using pervious pavers instead of asphalt and will install a water retention system under the driveway.

Other concerns were the project’s density and that owners often rent to singles and students even after promising to rent to only families.

A CAMH member pointed out that Ye was using a residential exemption for zoning violations on more than one property. Residential exemptions apply only to owner-occupied projects. A building owned by an LLC is not considered owner-occupied.

Some members expressed a lack of trust in Ye given her apparent attempt to game the system by claiming multiple exemptions.

“What facts can I actually hang my hat on?” asked one resident.

Ye said she would evaluate her residential exemptions on her Mission Hill properties.

When brought to a vote, the project gained 19 votes of opposition and one of support.

CAMH will submit a letter reflecting their opposition to the Zoning Boad of Appeals. 

CAMH Board

CAMH membership votes to approve the new CAMH Board Officers, which include Martin Beinborn as President, Gary Walling as membership secretary, Jim Burke as treasurer, Kara Verrochi as clerk and Andrew Bloniarz with title pending.

Future Goals

CAMH has a list of goals they would like to accomplish in the coming year: form a working group focused on neighborhood demands, create a centrally shared file for documents, provide educational workshops on zoning laws, address transportation issues, and invite more guest speakers.

Upcoming Events

CAMH meets on the third Wednesday of the month on Zoom. Residents interested in community affairs are encouraged to attend.

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