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By Maurice ‘Mossy’ Martin

The 1964 Mission High class gathered last month for an informal reunion at Lewis’ Restaurant and Grille in Norwood.

The ‘64 Mission group had a bountiful number of outstanding athletes, including pro baseball player Tom “Dubba” Walsh, Rich Stanton, Mike Foley, and smallish fullback Ronnie Keefe. More importantly, they and their classmates are successful citizens and  terrific guys.

My late brother, Tom Martin, was also a ’64 Mission High graduate. After high school, Tom enlisted in the Army and served in Vietnam. After his military service, Tom attended Northeastern University and graduated in 1971. He soon became a professor at Towson University in Maryland.

After earning his doctoral degree in chemistry, Tom switched careers and worked in the laboratory at the Baltimore branch of Barre-National, a pharmaceutical company.

Tom died in 2004 and I often think about him, and I dearly miss my brother Tom.

Bobby Earley also served in Vietnam and was a Mission High ’64 alumnus. During my wonderful days in the Mission Hill project during the early ‘60s, Bobby, a talented hoopster who died in 1990, mentored me on the Mission Hill basketball courts.

​Thanks,  Bobby, and R.I.P.

The Mission Hill Post 327 had a wonderful Christmas party on Dec. 17 at Victory Point Restaurant in Quincy.

I appreciated  Enoch “Woody” Woodhouse’s succinct and passionate speech about the members and our goals. Woody, a World War II veteran, also had a few nice words for Mission Hill Main Streets Director Ellen Walker. Ellen is quick to lend a helping hand to Mission Hill Post causes.

I enjoyed chatting with John Morrissey at the celebration. John, a Korean War veteran, told a few tavern tales going back to the days when he owned the Calumet Cafe (currently The Mission Bar & Grill) 60 years ago.

I told John about the time a guy walked into the bar with a piece of asphalt under his arm and ordered a beer and one for the road. It was nice seeing many of the wives at the party, particularly my charming ‘67 Mission High classmates, Marian “Tootsie” McCarthy Rollins,  and Mary Connelly Chalifoux.

Because of winter and old bones, the next Post meeting won’t be held until April 20. Any veteran interested in joining the Mission Hill Post may contact our Commander, Col. George Rollins at 703-209-2124.

Doreen Earley Barker, a lovely woman from Mission Hill, suffered a severe stroke in July, and  is home after spending a month in Spaulding Rehab.

Doreen is married to James Barker, and the couple raised four children. Flushed with kindness and a giving heart, Doreen had worked as a visiting nurse for Mass General Hospital. Besides the physical hardship there is now a financial obstacle, as Doreen receives only half her salary. If you would like to help Doreen during her trying times, you may donate – GoFundMe -Doreen Earley Barker.

I’ve been close friends with the Earleys and their extended family for years. I fondly recall when Doreen was a youngster, and my small family and the Earley clan shared a summer cottage by the ocean in Hull in the late ‘70s.

Condolences to the family of Patsy Gill, who passed away last month.

I didn’t know Patsy well, but I exchanged pleasantries with her hundreds of times as she walked down Pontiac Street. Patsy was handicapped, but she was a spirited woman.

Patsy regularly attended mass at Mission Church. Fittingly, a candle was placed on the pew where she sat in the back of Mission Church.

God Bless Patsy.

Maurice can be reached at [email protected].

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