Ex-mayoral challenger Flaherty hints at run

Former City Councilor Michael Flaherty of South Boston, who gave Mayor Thomas Menino his most serious electoral challenge ever in 2009, hinted at making another run for the office in a written statement praising Menino released today to the Gazette.

“I of course ran against him in 2009,” Flaherty wrote, referring to the election Menino won by an unusually slim 57 percent of the vote. “I did so because I sincerely believed in my ability to lead the city forward at that time, and I still do.”

Flaherty did not immediately return a Gazette phone call.

Flaherty wrote that he met privately with Menino about two weeks ago, and in the statement praised the mayor extensively.

“Like most Bostonians, when I hear the words ‘Tom Menino,’ I think ‘Mayor,'” Flaherty wrote.

“For an entire generation of Bostonians, Tom Menino has been the only mayor we have ever known,” he wrote. “For people my age and younger, he’s been mayor our entire adult lives. His devotion to our city has been unprecedented, and I don’t think it would be going too far to call him one of the greatest mayors in Boston’s long history.”

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