Priscilla Flint-Banks Announces Intention to Run for At-Large City Council Seat

Priscilla Flint-Banks recently informed local neighborhood and community stakeholders of her intent to run as a candidate for Boston City Councilor At-Large. Over the past year, she said, ”I have received calls from many Boston residents, political leaders and Boston changemakers urging me to seek the office of At-Large Boston City Council. After prayerful consideration and family discussions, I have decided to accept this challenge before me.” Priscilla said at a fundraiser in a room of friends, family members, and online supporters. ” I am running for city council because It’s time for a change, change that affects and impacts every single neighborhood positively! “

She continued, “Being actively involved in civic and economic justice issues all of my life — whether as a young woman growing up in the Orchard Park neighborhood of Roxbury or as the co-founder, with my husband Larry (Brother Lo), Banks, of the Boston-based, Black Economic Justice Institute (BEJI), I have sought to advocate for economic equity for all of Boston.” She went on to say, “I have worked with local nonprofits, peacekeepers, faith-based groups, political organizations and businesses throughout our city, with the hope of giving a voice to Boston residents regarding economic justice and equality of opportunity. My family, friends and I now feel that the time has come for me to offer myself as a servant in the public arena. I am confident that I can bring common sense ideas, straight from people living in Boston Neighborhoods into the halls of Boston City Council.”

Priscilla noted, “People across the city know me for my successful work around Good Jobs, Stemming the tide of gentrification and Civic Engagement. As your at-large City Councilor, Economic Development, Empowerment, and Community sustainability will continue to be a priority for me.” Priscilla also said,” Today we are fighting the biggest challenge to our existence. Right here in Dudley Square we are losing businesses. I’m ready to lead the fight with you to save this neighborhood and other neighborhoods across this city.

Bing Broderick, Executive Director of the Roxbury based Haley House Bakery and Cafe said, “Right now, we need someone who will fight for the people of this city, to ensure their place in the years to come and jobs that will sustain them through it all. That is why I am supporting Priscilla Flint-Banks.”

Boston resident Mukiya Baker-Gomez said, “I am happy to endorse Priscilla Flint Banks for the position of Boston Citywide City Council. It takes great leadership and fortitude to desire to represent a constituency of Boston residents, who have been unable to be productive contributors to the City’s economy. She is a strong advocate on a variety of economic issues and I strongly urge the voters of Boston to give Priscilla Flint Banks a chance to continue the work she has been doing for over 30 years.”

Community Activist and Hyde Park resident James Mackey states, “I stand with Priscilla Banks as the next At-Large Boston City Councilor. She’s a warrior, a leader, and she believes in the power of the people. I can honestly say, Priscilla has been consistently fighting towards equitable opportunities for all.”

Mukaji Diazabakana, Campaign Manager for the Priscilla for Boston Campaign said, ”We are planning an aggressive outreach effort into every Ward, Precinct and Neighborhood of the city in order to thoroughly engage as many constituents as possible. Priscilla intends to make a formal announcement of her candidacy in late May.”

Priscilla is the Co-Founder of the Black Economic Justice Institute (BEJI),Co-Founder of the Blue Hill Corridor Commission,is the Community Liaison on the board of Black Economic Council of MA (BECMA), is the current Chair of the Boston Jobs Coalition, and an Ordained Minister Visit for additional information.

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