William Chan Receives Scholarship from Ace-Mentor Program

By Dan Murphy

A Mission Hill teen was an “easy sell” to receive a scholarship after showing and displaying a strong interest in an after-school program that focuses on the architecture, construction, and engineering fields, according to the program’s leader.

William Chan, a senior at the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Roxbury, was among 30 high school students awarded a financial scholarship that will be awarded over four years during a March 11 “student showcase” sponsored by the Ace Mentor Program of Greater Boston, a local nonprofit that that sponsors an after-school program that provides students in Grades 9 through 12 with an introduction into the industries of architecture, construction and engineering. Through the program, students work with mentors to development a “hypothetical but realistic” building project.

“William really enjoyed being there and taking part in the program so he was an easy sell for a scholarship,” said Mike Tecci, president of the program.

Most recently, Chan completed the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering program under the tutelage of George Yonke, lead mentor for MEP Group, but he joined the Ace program as a sophomore.

“Not many students participate in the program for three years, and it’s 16 weeks a year, so he probably showed up for 40 sessions,” Tecci said. “That’s a lot of after-school activity.”

Yet throughout this time, Chan’s dedication to and enthusiasm for the program never wavered, according to Tecci.

“William is a really good kid with a deep understanding of the subject matter and someone who digs in, shows up every week, and is dedicated,” Tecci said. “He was always happy to be there and really enjoyed the program.”

“It’s a free after-school program that exposes high school students to things they might not otherwise be ordinarily exposed to, and it’s all stuff that can lead to a rewarding career, whether it’s in the trades or on the design or management side,” said.

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