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I was saddened to hear of the passing of Kris Alden last month, who I had known since the good old days when we wrote for the” Mission Hill Good News” forty years ago. Kris was multi talented, among other things she was a skilled artist and a fabulous chef. More importantly, Kris was a terrific mother to her wonderful children, Lisa, Eric, Jason and Scott. Kris, who had been living in Brattleboro, Vermont, was among the organizers of the first Mission Hill Fair, a nice family event, attended by hundreds which was held up the Hill at McLaughlin Park every summer in the 80’s. Kris was a great storyteller and I heard many of them when we were bartenders at Winnie’s Pub (currently Flann O’Briens). At Winnie’s Kris loved to banter with her close friend, Randy Wolfson. Kris and Randy often engaged in riveting conversations, mixed with life stories and a pinch of humor. I got to give Kris a big hug when I last saw her a few years ago at Copley Square where Kris was selling her delicious food at a stand and typical of Kris, it was for a  charitable event.. A tip of the hat goes to classy Harry Walsh, proprietor of the Mission Bar and Grill for picking up the tab  for lunch for a dozen members of the Mission Hill Post 327 following the Veterans Day ceremony at Brigham Circle.  After our delicious lunch at The Mission, Post Commander Col. George Rollins dropped off a check at the church rectory for Mission Grammar School to help them during these tough times. Harry Walsh, incidentally, learned the importance of a good work ethic as a youngster living in Ireland. Harry was a “telegram boy” in Cork and his method of transportation was a bicycle. By the long arm of coincidence, Harry’s childhood friend Dermot O’Neill         

 was also a telegram boy in Cork and Dermot owns the Squealing Pig in Mission Hill. “The Pig” has been closed due to Covid but Dermot tells me the beers will be flowing and the food cooking in early December.. Condolences to the family of Mikey Holland who passed away last month. I knew Mikey since the 80’s, when Mikey and I played in the Mission Hill Softball League for Winnie’s Pub and Mission Hill Liquors. Mikey wasn’t the best softball player but he was a great teammate who loved the game and he enjoyed a few pops afterwards at Winnie’s Pub.  Mikey loved the camaraderie with the boys, especially on the bar stool next to his good friend, our right fielder, Dick Pettengill.. Joe Thorton, a Korean War veteran who served in the Air Force,, passed away last month. Joe, who was retired from Boston Edison, was a wonderful family man. He was a member of the Mission Hill Post 327 for years and he was a part time bartender at the Post. Joe was gentle and he always wore a smile. I never heard Joe say a bad word about anybody nor did I ever hear him raise his voice. Joe was a great card player and  at the Post he often played with his whist partner and close friend, Paddy Gleeson..Good luck to Olivia Todd, who is attending New School of Law, upon earning a full scholarship to the Boston law school. Olivia, who was born in Mission Hill, is a graduate of the University of Maine. She is the daughter of proud parents Kevin Todd and Tina (Shea) Todd. Olivia’s grandfather is John Todd, the renowned 90 year old Mission Hill resident who is still sharp as a tack.. 91 percent of Mission Hill residents voted for Joe Biden-Harris and I was not one of them. Biden seems to be stuck in a time warp,  last month declaring that 77 year old  John Kerry will be his climate change envoy. It was Secretary of State Kerry who negotiated the hapless Paris Climate Accord under President Obama in 2015. Among several parts of the faulty agreement,  the U.S. pledged $ 3 Billion to the cause and China, the world’s worst polluter, does virtually nothing to reduce their carbon emissions until 2030.. Keep the Faith and Merry Christmas.

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