BPDA Approves New Huntington Avenue Development

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board of Directors recently approved five new development projects representing 481,881 square feet (SF). The new projects including a building at 775 Huntington Ave.  will create 305 residential units, 111 of which will be designated income-restricted, and will support 450 construction jobs and 220 permanent jobs.

775 Huntington Avenue project will bring a majority affordable housing development to Mission Hill.

The Huntington Ave. project will create approximately 90 construction jobs and features ground floor commercial space.

The building will be  all electric, rooftop solar, and designed considering Passive House standards.

Located in Mission Hill, this project will makeover a parking lot into a 13-story mixed-use, mixed-income residential building that will include ground floor commercial space. Of the 112 units in the building, 75 percent will be income-restricted. All 57 rental units will be restricted to up to 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI), and 27 of the homeownership units will be restricted to 120 percent of the AMI. The rest will be market rate housing.

This will be a transit-oriented development, as it is close to the MBTA Green Line, and the creation of a Bluebike station on site will encourage biking as an alternate form of transportation. The project will improve the pedestrian experience at the Fenwood and Huntington Avenue intersection by widening the sidewalks, which will also shorten the crosswalk. The project was approved by the BPDA at it September 15 meeting

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