Editorial: Supporting Main Streets

The funding losses at Mission Hill Main Streets (MHMS) that resulted in the layoff of staffer Barry Twomey and delayed a deserved pay raise for Executive Director Richard Rouse are discouraging.

Perhaps, like many of the businesses MHMS assists, the organization can figure out a way to do more with less in tough times.

We can only hope so. Technically a business district improvement organization, MHMS goes far beyond that. It is a crucial powerhouse that has improved just about everything in the neighborhood, from sidewalks to the art scene to public health.

Twomey has been a tireless business booster and a neighborhood good guy. Rouse has led the neighborhood to look better than ever, from gleaming storefronts to the banners hailing the championship New Mission Titans.

The improvements are obvious. So is the work yet to be done. The City funding for MHMS is consistent and a great return on a small investment. Perhaps more institutional partners can join in and help Mission Hill continue to reap those benefits.

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