Basketball tournament to draw kids together

March isn’t only for college basketball. Local middle school students have the opportunity to play in the “Mission Hill March Madness” basketball tournament, organized by state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez.

The co-ed tournament is March 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tobin Community Center and is for 11- to 14 year-olds from Mission Main, Mission Park, Alice Taylor Homes, and the Tobin Community Center.

“The idea seemed like a good way for the youths of the community to interact with each other, especially from the different developments,” said Sánchez.

The representative, who grew up in Mission Main, said he used to see initiatives from time to time that drew the kids from the various developments together. Sánchez hadn’t seen one for while, so he thought, “Why don’t we do an initiative?”

Despite organizing the tournament, Sánchez noted he wasn’t much of a basketball player growing up.

“I was a bencher,” he said. “I had a strong arm. I just couldn’t get it in. But everyone else used to play.”

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