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Condolences to the family of Patrick “Pitter” Loughran, a lifelong Mission Hill resident, who passed away last month. Pitter, a 1964 Mission High School graduate, was a terrific family man, having been married to Rene (Kelley) Loughran for 43 years, the father of two and the grandfather of five. Rene is also a 1964 Mission High graduate.

At Pitter’s memorial Mass at Mission Church, where he had been baptized 65 years earlier, Fr. Philip Dabney regaled the attendees with stories of Pitter and his family. Fr. Dabney, quoted Pitter’s 4-year-old grandson, Andrew Loughran: “You’re the best grandpa because you make great pancakes.” Another grandson, 5-year-old Jake Bradford, loved to go “snake-hunting” with Pitter at the old Ledge site and on Cherokee Street for snakes and lizards. Young Jake, who lives in West Roxbury, told his parents, Craig and Kelley Bradford, “Let’s move to Mission Hill near grandpa.”

Pitter’s last conscious thought was of a picture of his family, as he was home, hanging the photo on the wall when his big heart gave out.

After high school, Pitter joined the U.S. Navy, serving as a diver. Pitter spent much of his military time in Labrador, Canada, dynamiting sandbars at the Hamilton River. He also did a Mediterranean tour.

Afterward, Pitter became a plumber, working at the Aquarium and also at Tufts University.

Pitter was generous with his time. He coached in the Mission Hill Little League in the early ’80s. He did much charity work for the Knights of Columbus and the Boy Scouts of America. He often took the kids camping at Blue Hills Reservation in Milton. Skilled at his trade, Pitter donated his time installing showers at the Boy Scout camp in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire, where he was a Boy Scout counselor.

Thinking back almost a half-century ago to my early Mission High School years, I fondly recall Pitter demonstrating his school spirit at the high school football games. Pitter and his chums, Bobby Earley, John O’Connor and Davey Jelloe, teamed with the girls as cheerleaders. I can still picture Pitter, attired in the white sweater with the large blue “M” on the front, shouting in the megaphone.

Every morning, on my way to coffee, I walk through the alley connecting St. Alphonsus and Pontiac Street, where Pitter’s house is. I miss seeing Pitter walking his dogs and I miss his distinctive laugh when I would invariably tell him one of my corny jokes. Everyone who knew Pitter misses him.

Pitter’s memorial Mass was attended by several of his 1964 Mission High classmates, including retired Police Officer Charley O’Neill. After Mass, Charley lightened everyone up when he told us the famous story from 1974 at 4 a.m. when he was a State Trooper. On the Mass. Pike in Westboro, Charley pulled over a speeding car and approached two huge men. When he saw the driver’s license and the name Walter Kowalski, Charley realized it was the famous wrestler, “Killer” Kowalski, he of the deadly “claw” hold. Charley, always the nice guy, did not issue a ticket. However, before departing, Charley told Kowalski, “No ticket. Instead, you’re getting this”—as Charley administered the claw hold on the startled “Killer” as Kowalski and his passenger broke into laughter.


It’s a boy! Congrats to Billy Mulvey and his lovely wife Toni on the birth of their son, William Sebastian Mulvey, on Feb. 16. Billy, who served in the U.S. Marines for four years, is the son of Mission Hill native Bill Mulvey and Joanne Mulvey.

Billy, who played basketball at Mission High in the late ’70s, and his wife Joanne have done a fine job raising their children. Laura Mulvey graduated from Plymouth State University in 2009, magna cum laude in psychology and law. Afterward, Laura joined AmeriCorps, which addresses national issues, including poverty and health. Laura is currently working in Denver as the assistant manager for CBPYT (Community Building Partnership for Youth in Transition).


In a few months, it will be softball season on the Hill. If you’re interested in getting a team in the Mission Hill Softball League, contact Peter Flynn at 617-435-9706 or Dan Weldon at 617-835-2056.

Patrick “Pitter” Loughran. (Photo by Rene Loughran)

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