What’s Happening on Main Streets

By Richard Rouse

The Bruins may have faltered and the Sox are stumbling, but Mission Hill’s favorite athletes proudly marched through the neighborhood, garnering excitement at their annual Little League baseball parade on April 21.

Employees at the newest local business beamed as they received a warm welcome from the children that Saturday morning, and all are impressed with the friendly atmosphere near their new workplace in Brigham Circle. Great Hill Dental Partners opened shop in the vacant One Brigham Circle storefront at 1610 Tremont St., providing one-stop comprehensive dentistry with implant therapy, oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics and dental care for children, teens and adults. This is the smartest dental office I’ve ever observed and is one of five new offices that Great Hill operates across Greater Boston. The company name hails from the partial meaning of the Algonquian word “Massachusetts.” These are all longtime Boston-area dentists who came together to form a group practice and Mission Hill folks are delighted that their state-of-the-art operation is here.

On the subject of Mission Hill Little League, Main Streets board member John Tobin tells me that Northeastern University has committed to rehab the Little League ball field to resolve the perennial drainage problem that occurs after each heavy rainstorm. Hooray! Similarly, a salute goes out to Neighborhood Housing Services for honoring two wonderful women at their annual meeting who take it upon themselves to rally support for everything relating to Mission Hill, especially near the summit: Christine Dwyer and Kay Gallagher.

Newest Mission Hill Main Street board members Mary Yeaton and Randy Shipp have wasted no time in mobilizing a meeting with members of City Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin’s staff to come up with improvements to the conditions at the intersection of Longwood and Huntington avenues. This very busy junction’s pedestrian lights, signage and crossing signals, compounded with the MBTA trolley service, is undergoing a review by City traffic engineers to better provide safe crossing for pedestrians and effective traffic flow. Mary and Randy urged Michael Martinello, property manager at 650 Huntington, to host a sit-down with residents of his building and the Mission Main development, along with MASCO transportation planner Tom Yardley and Boston officials. With over 20 years in City Hall, Wilson Aleman is widely regarded as one of the top traffic men in the country and he has promised an improvement at that befuddling crossroad, and judging from his comments, I think we’ll be seeing solutions soon.

It was announced at the most recent Crime Committee meeting that a neighborhood confab is being planned for Thurs., May 17 from 6 to 8 at McLaughlin Field, billed as a “students versus neighbors” friendly softball game with food and a chance to know your neighbors in the community. Who knows what may come of this? If you want to get involved contact Jonas Edwards-Jenks at 207-975-5804 or [email protected].

The proverb, “Many hands make light work” applied to the Boston Shines cleanup on April 28, when a fine response from throughout the neighborhood had everyone whistling while they worked. New City Neighborhood Coordinator Shaina Aubourg did a great job as quarterback, securing Department of Public Works and Parks Department services and complimentary coffee and pastry donations from J.P. Licks and Mike’s Donuts and pizza from the Penguin. Brigham & Women’s Hospital provided volunteers, equipment and trucks. MASCO provided money for additional supplies and tools. A number of students who haven’t left for semester break joined with squads of first-time as well as seasoned neighborhood volunteers. Mayor Tom Menino asked me to extend his personal appreciation as well as that of the entire City to everyone who played a role.

The writer is the executive director of Mission Hill Main Streets.

Mission Hill Main Streets board member John Todd (left) and resident Frank Williams dig into a wheelbarrow of mulch in Smith Street Playground as members of the Mayor’s Youth Council look on during the Boston Shines cleanup on April 28. (Photo by Richard Rouse)

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