Wheelchair ‘power soccer’ comes to Tobin

Fourteen people in wheelchairs got a chance to score some goals during the U.S. Power Soccer Association’s soccer clinic at the Tobin Community Center on May 12.

Power soccer involves the use of electric wheelchairs outfitted with bumpers to direct soccer balls.

“Now that some of us have tasted the thrill of the game and are fired up to form a team, the real learning and practices will begin,” said Power Soccer Project Director Jim Wice.

Team formation is under way, Wice said. The first meeting session and practice is scheduled for June 9.

“Power soccer practices will be open to anyone who uses a power wheelchair, whatever their prior power soccer experience. However, specialized equipment is needed to play, so how many people play will be limited by how much equipment we have,” Wice said. “But if there is enough interest and enough funding, more equipment can always be purchased to accommodate the numbers.”

Power soccer is designed exclusively for wheelchair users and “feels a bit like floor hockey with a goalie, two wings and a center,” Wice said.

A non-wheelchair user can join in, they could, if they can find a power chair to use, Wice said.

The U.S. Power Soccer Association is the national body that governs the sport of power soccer. The May 12 clinic was used to determine interest in Boston for expansion into the city.

The Tobin Community Center will continue to host power soccer in Boston. For more information, see tobincommunitycenter.org.

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