Rep. attends DNC

Local state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez took a field trip down to Charlotte, N.C. for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as he continued to campaign for President Barack Obama. The convention was held Sept. 4-6.

“It’s incredible to hear from people from all walks of life,” Sánchez said in a Gazette interview about the opportunity to attend the DNC.

Sánchez said he has been doing just that, campaigning for Obama in several states across the country. He said he has heard a lot of different ideas, including how some states are dealing with new voting laws.

“It’s all about sharing of ideas,” said Sánchez. “People are hungry for new ideas.”

As part of the campaign effort, Sánchez has been going on radio talk shows and talking to Hispanic news outlets across the country about his time as a state House member during then Gov. Mitt Romney’s tenure in office.

The representative said it is important Obama is reelected as his policies and funding have allowed more Hispanics and African Americans to receive health insurance, and also have increased housing in the area.

“I want to see more of it,” Sánchez said of the funding. “We have more to do.”

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