Mass. Eye & Ear building opens

The construction for the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary’s (MEEI) new facility at 800 Huntington Ave. was officially finished this week. MEEI’s clinics are expected to open before the end of the month following the ribbon-cutting this week.

The building houses a café and an eyeglasses shop, open to the public, in addition to outpatient clinics and surgery rooms.

“We’re psyched to open,” MEEI spokesperson Jennifer Street told the Gazette last week. “We’re just waiting on the Department of Public Health to give us final approval. We’d love for this to be open in the month of November.”

MEEI expects to eventually have over 90 employees in the building, though currently only about 45 have been hired. Five of those are Mission Hill residents.

“We’ve been very warmly welcomed by the neighbors in Mission Hill. We’re working very hard to become part of the fabric of that community,” Street said.

The building was developed and built by The Beal Companies and is being leased to MEEI. The redevelopment involved expanding the old two-story structure by adding a garage adjacent to the building and erecting a third story to cover both the garage and the existing building.

MEEI’s website for the clinic is available at

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