Editorial: Welcome back, Mr. Mayor

It is good to hear that Mayor Thomas Menino is out of his recent major hospitalization at Brigham and Women’s and rehabbing in preparation for returning home. We wish the mayor well and look forward to seeing him in Mission Hill again soon.

The mayor has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a serious, chronic disease requiring lifestyle changes. Many extremely busy people, including movie star Halle Berry and talk show host Larry King, have successfully managed type 2 diabetes. We expect the mayor will become another high-profile advocate for raising awareness about diabetes.

Being a governmental official can be hazardous to one’s health, with a hectic schedule promoting fast-food meals and community meetings often featuring sugary snacks. The restaurant ribbon-cuttings alone could A-bomb any diet. Perhaps community groups can help out the mayor and everyone else by offering healthier pick-me-ups at local events.

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