NU to honor student neighbors

Northeastern University (NU) is asking the community for nominations for the best student neighbor living off-campus.

NU’s Office of Off-Campus Community Services created the “Good Neighbor Award” to “recognize Northeastern students that value the community they live in and strive to be a good neighbor to those living around them,” said Matthew Crimmins, a NU student, “community ambassador” and one of the leaders on the award team.

“We hope to showcase our students who are serving as positive role models for Northeastern in the community, as well as to encourage more off-campus students to contribute to their neighborhood in a positive and meaningful way,” Crimmins said.

The winner of the brand-new award will have community service involvement and must also be in good standing with the university. He or she will receive a plaque and a gift card to a local business, Crimmins said.

The Office of Off-Campus Student Services and its student employees, the community ambassadors, and volunteers take a weekly walk through Mission Hill, cleaning up any trash they see. They then convene for breakfast at Mike’s Donuts.

Nominations are open through Feb. 19 and can be made by emailing [email protected] or calling 617-373-8480.

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