Editorial: Making local history

The Gazette this week debuts its first annual “Hill History” special section. In a neighborhood as storied as ours, there are thousands of history stories to tell, but we had to settle for a couple of them for starters. This time, we take a look at how a very familiar neighbor of Mission Hill was born, and go inside a local institution that may be a mystery to many.

History is often about honoring people and places that have stood the test of time. But it is also about providing context for our lives today, and revealing its diversity. We have tried to do that with these stories. We are happy to hear suggestions for more history stories to recount.

We are also reminded that, as the saying goes, journalism is the rough draft of history. Many of the people and places we write about this month will be of great importance and interest to future generations. Resident activists, business and nonprofit leaders, students, youth organizers, elected officials and many others may be among them. We look forward to telling your stories for both the present and the future.

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