Hill History: This Month in Hill History

The following are some of the Gazette’s top headlines from this month in local history:


5 Years Ago: 2008

“Triplex Gold Rush”

Real estate data showed that triple-deckers in Mission Hill were selling for almost twice as much as in Boston as a whole, with analysts suggesting that off-campus student housing was driving the inflation.


10 Years Ago: 2003

“Assaults alarm community”

A crime wave of muggings by groups of teenagers hit the neighborhood.


15 Years Ago: 1998

“New York educator runs MH school”

The Gazette profiled the then-new Mission Hill K-8 School, an experimental school headed by famed educator Deborah Meier. The school went on to become world-famous among educators and controversially moved to Jamaica Plain in 2012.


Compiled by John Ruch

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