School renovation bothers some residents

Construction at the 67 Alleghany St. school building has some abutters upset, complaining about a lack of information and loud construction noises at the site.

“It is the process because we were never informed about the type of construction happening or the when and how,” Bob Francey said about what has made him upset about the project.

The 67 Alleghany St. building previously housed the Mission Hill K-8 School and the New Mission High School until they moved last year. The building is currently undergoing renovations, including a “cafetorium,” which is a combination of a cafeteria and auditorium. It is unclear if the work will only be in the interior. The Fenway High School is slated to move into the renovated building next school year.

Francey said there has also been construction going on late at night at the site and garbage Dumpsters being moved early in the morning. He complained to City Hall and an initial meeting happened where an official apologized for not informing abutters.

Francey said he received “way more information” than he expected at the meeting and that another meeting was scheduled

The Mayor’s Office did not respond for a request for comment.

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