Connolly: Today a day to respect Menino

Mayoral candidate and At-large City Councilor John Connolly told the Gazette that Mayor Thomas Menino’s reported decision not to run for reelection took him by surprise.

“I was floored,” Connolly said, adding he has not yet spoken directly with Menino about the move. “The suddenness of it surprised me.”

“I was reflecting [today] on his incredible legacy. Today is really a day about respecting Mayor Menino,” Connolly added, saying he canceled his public appearances today.

Asked for his memories of Menino, Connolly said, “I’d start with growing up in Roslindale, where he was district councilor, and knowing the legend of this guy who would show up at your door if you called for help. He understood all the little pieces add up to quality of life.”

The other announced candidates, Charles Clemons and Will Dorcena, could not be reached for comment. No other candidates have yet announced, though the race is surely about to become a free-for-all.

“You don’t think I’ve scared everyone off?” Connolly joked, adding seriously that Menino’s decision will not affect the strategy of his campaign.

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