School to get full-service kitchen

Boston Public Schools (BPS) now says the renovation of its 67 Alleghany St. building will include a full-service kitchen. The Fenway High School is expected to move to that site in 2014.

A lack of a full-service kitchen had drawn the ire of the school’s principal and neighbors at a meeting in March, as the Gazette previously reported.

“We are glad to do it,” said BPS spokesperson Lee McGuire.

He said that BPS has always wanted a full-size kitchen at the renovated building, but thought because of costs and the construction schedule, that it would not be possible. But, McGuire said, BPS is able to do the full-service kitchen by dipping into contingency funds and that it will still be done on schedule. He said the cost will be about $700,000 for the full-service kitchen.

McGuire said the plan is for the building to be ready for the school to move in there in September 2014. When the plan was first announced last summer, the move-in date was September 2013. But, McGuire said, that quickly changed once BPS learned of the complexity of the renovations.

McGuire said the “cafetorium,” or combined auditorium and kitchen, will be finished a few months after September 2014 and that BPS will work with the school and neighbors to find a solution for lunch during that time.

Some neighbors have an issue with where that “cafetorium” is being built.

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