Editorial: Congrats to winners–and also-rans

We congratulate Marty Walsh and John Connolly on their top-two finishes in the Sept. 24 mayoral election and we look forward to seeing them lay out compelling visions for Boston’s future in the coming weeks.

Through hard, thorough campaigning, in Mission Hill and around the city, they earned their win. Now they will work even harder to gain the Mayor’s Office. It is a race we all win because of the opportunity to share our hopes and concerns and to make them better candidates, and one of them a better mayor.

We also congratulate those who will not move on to the final election, but whose candidacies did so much to inform and engage voters. Mission Hill’s Mike Ross is one such candidate. We are sure he and other former candidates will remain vital voices in the city. We need them to be.

We also thank all those who took up the responsibility of reviewing such a large field of candidates and making it the polls to weigh in. Ultimately, you are deciding the future and working hard to do so as well. And everyone here who volunteered on a campaign has earned our thanks as well.

This is a great time of conversation, debate and change for the City of Boston. Thanks to all who are making it so.

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