Hill might get new K-8 school, not Fenway High

A new K-8 school instead of a relocated Fenway High might be in the works for the Mission Hill community after an amendment by City Councilor Mike Ross narrowly passed 7-6 during the City Council meeting Nov. 6.

The amendment was attached to a loan order for a $4 million study about a new building in Chinatown for the Boston Arts Academy (BAA) and the Quincy Upper School. The loan order was also approved by the City Council.

“It’s what the neighborhood and the Mission Hill community wants,” said Ross in an interview with the Gazette. He lives in Mission Hill and represents the neighborhood as the District 8 city councilor.

The proposal would need further action from the Mayor’s Office before any school changes could become reality. The Boston Public Schools did not respond to a request for comment.

Mission Hill lost two schools during last year’s school-move plan, which Ross opposed. The Mission Hill K-8 School and New Mission High School, which were both housed at 67 Alleghany St., moved to Jamaica Plain and Hyde Park, respectively.

The Fenway High School, which currently shares space with BAA at 174 Ipswich St., is slated to move to 67 Alleghany St. But under the amendment by Ross, Fenway would stay at its original location and a K-8 school would be installed at the 67 Alleghany St. building.

Ross, who gave up a chance at reelection this year for a failed bid for mayor, said the new school would “right a wrong” and that he is “very pleased.”

Josh Zakim, who was elected on Nov. 5 to succeed Ross, told the Gazette one of his top priorities will be to help bring back a K-8 school to Mission Hill. Ross said that commitment was what earned his endorsement of Zakim during the election.

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