You Said It, Mission Hill!: 2013 in Quotes

“It’s a colossal moment.”

An anonymous source close to Mayor Thomas Menino on the night Menino decided not to seek re-election


“That was my greatest vote in the legislature.”

Then-mayoral candidate Marty Walsh on his vote to legalize same-sex marriage while a state representative


“I’ve been out of town. It’s appropriate to just sit back and watch the action.”

Former City Councilor Chuck Turner, on his return to Boston from federal prison and his choice to not get involved in the mayoral race


“Sleep in.”

Former City Councilor John Tobin, on what Menino should do on his first day as a private citizen


“I just purchased a home in the Back Bay a couple years ago and am very happy there. But I would never say never about a future move. Mission Hill is a great place to live.” City Councilor Josh Zakim, when asked if he would move to Mission Hill like predecessor Mike Ross


“God help the victims of this tragedy.”

City Councilor Mike Ross, on Twitter, minutes after witnessing the Boston Marathon bombing on Boylston Street on April 15


“One suspect dead. One at large. Armed and dangerous. White hat suspect at large.” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, tweeting about the two marathon bombing suspects on April 19


“I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?”

Arkansas state Rep. Nate Bell on Twitter, during the FBI manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of two suspects in the Marathon bombings


“You are a moron.”

Back of the Hill area City Councilor Matt O’Malley’s Twitter reply to Bell


“I wanted to take my positive experiences and memories of living in the neighborhood and pay it forward by giving back to an agency that has had a positive impact on my life as well as countless others.”

Karen Gately, on becoming the new executive director of Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, which operates the Mission Park housing development


“I’m honored to be part of this process.”

Sebastian Mariscal, owner of Sebastian Mariscal Studio, Inc., on being chosen to redevelop the Art Park site between Parker and Terrace streets into 41 apartments and more than 50,000 square feet of green space


“Urban development is now politically unpopular…It will be interesting for you to see if and how this land acquisition problem has been solved.”

Brigham and Women’s Hospital 1963 board chairman Charles Barnes, in a time-capsule letter opened in 2013


“We’re the parents in loco. We’re here when the parents can’t be here.”

Northeastern University campus police Captain Albert Sweeney


“It’s become so evident, so clear, that this is something that needs to happen with the NU process.”

Fenway Community Development Corporation Community Planning Associate Lily Jacobson, on the need for Northeastern University to do a housing study as part of its IMP process



Northeastern University students’ impact on the Mission Hill housing market, as stated in a housing impact study commissioned by NU


“The delays made for a much better product in the end.”

NU Vice President for Community and Governmental Outreach John Tobin, after the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved NU’s plans for the next 10 years of development


“I don’t know anything bad that comes from having people in a room talking.”

Northeastern University Vice President for Community and Governmental Outreach John Tobin, on organizing a community/university “neighborhood council”


“No small part of my motivation is that the City Council should be reflective of the city…It’s pretty disappointing there’s just one woman on the council.”

City Council candidate Michelle Wu, who won an at-large seat


“You can’t win if you can’t say, ‘Please.’ You have to have manners.”

Frederick G.S. Clow, Mission Hill-based photographer who has photographed former President Bill Clinton, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and members of the Kennedy family, about one key to being a good photographer

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