Hill History: This Month in Hill History

The Gazette’s top headlines from this month in local history:


5 Years Ago: 2009

“CAC meeting ‘off the record’”

A Boston Redevelopment Authority official declared a public Mission Hill Citizens Advisory Committee meeting to be “off the record,” meaning the press could not write about its discussion of redevelopment of former Mission Church properties. The incident was one of many secret-meeting controversies the BRA ran into around that time, drawing criticism from Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley, among others.

10 Years Ago: 2004

“Experts to mull LMA plan”

The Boston Redevelopment Authority held an unpublicized meeting with planning advisers on the Longwood Medical Area Strategic Plan. The meeting was part of the “LMA Interim Guidelines,” a zoning plan rushed into place the previous year with promises of public input that never materialized.


15 Years Ago: 1999

“Asbestos cleanup to cost $6 million”

The Mission Main housing development was found to have asbestos that needed removal during a renovation project.


20 Years Ago: 1994

“Residents say Amtrak plans are off track”

Mission Hill residents expressed concern over a plan by Amtrak to build a $10 million electrical facility on Gurney Street.

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