Meeting, survey for park renovation delayed

A community meeting and online survey for the renovation of McLaughlin Park has been delayed while Boston Parks and Recreation Department (BPRD) attempts to secure additional grant funding for the project, according to BPRD project manager Allison Perlman.

McLaughlin Park, which is located between Parker Hill and Fisher avenues on top of Parker Hill, is slated for a $333,000 renovation that is expected to start in spring 2015.

She said that the City expects to hear about the grant funding shortly and will post the online survey and schedule the meeting soon.

The online survey will be about three different designs.

Design A would install a new walking path along the eastern and southern portion of the upper terrace with an overlook area and bench. It would also connect a vehicular access path from Parker Hill Avenue to the southern part of the park, as well as plant trees along one side of the basketball court.

Design B would plant trees along Parker Hill Avenue and install a perimeter loop footpath on the upper terrace. An overlook area and bench would be placed on the eastern side of the terrace.

Design C, which appears would implement the least amount of change compared to the other two designs, would install a short footpath along Parker Hill Avenue on the upper terrace.

All three designs would include vegetation management and repairs, including at Ben’s Circular Tower. Design C would also install an overlook area at the tower.

Ben’s Circular Tower is a memorial for Ben Beland, according to the Boston Art Commission website. Beland, who died from cancer, was a child from Mission Hill who enjoyed playing at the park. The tower, which has large stones arranged in a circle and is designed to look like a castle, was created by artist Mags Harries.

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