Joslin to host Latino diabetes prevention festival in Southie

LMA—The Joslin Diabetes Center’s annual “Ritmos de Salud” event, which benefits Latino Diabetes Initiative (LDI), is scheduled for Sept. 26.

A child of Latino descent born after 2000 has a 50 percent chance of developing diabetes in their lifetime, according to Joslin.

The event will be co-chaired by Jamaica Plain resident Lazaro “Laz” Lopez, who is of Cuban and Colombian descent.

“It is our duty to do something about it. We have to help our own people,” Lopez said in a release.

To take action and educate Latinos on the risk of diabetes, Lopez joined LDI after learning about it through his job at Verizon. Previously, the Verizon Foundation approved a grant for Joslin to monitor patients with diabetes in South America using the Verizon network.

Lopez has been involved with Joslin Diabetes Center and LDI for the past three years. He started as a committee member of the event and now is the event co-chair.

Ritmos de Salud is an upbeat event that celebrates the Latino culture while benefiting LDI. This year’s event is scheduled for Fri., Sept. 26 at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter in South Boston and features music and dance performances from local groups.

“My favorite part about Ritmos de Salud is the fun. It is an event with an important message with all the great music, food and lively vibe of a real, traditional Latino celebration,” Lopez said.

From press materials.

Lazaro “Laz” Lopez (Courtesy Photo)

Lazaro “Laz” Lopez (Courtesy Photo)

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