$20 million renovation for Ruggles Station

The Ruggles T Station is slated for a $20 million renovation that will use federal funds to construct a new 800-foot commuter rail platform, according to a press release. Construction is expected to start in fall 2015 and last two years.

Ruggles Station, located at Ruggles and Tremont streets, currently has only two platforms. Because of that, currently more than half of the inbound commuter rail trains traveling through the station cannot stop there. The third platform will increase capacity, allowing for more commuter rail trains to stop at the station and improving access to the area.

“The vision set forth by President Obama for the TIGER grant program called for smart investment in transportation that will lead to expanded growth and opportunity,” said Governor Deval Patrick, according to the press release. “The improvements that will be made to Ruggles encapsulate that vision—shortening commutes, increasing transit access and catalyzing growth for this neighborhood and the city.”

The grant will also fund replacing existing elevators and making other necessary improvements to 27-year old station.

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