Editorial: Welcome, students

The Gazette welcomes both new and returning students to the neighborhood. For those students making their second, third, fourth or fifth trip back, we hope you find the neighborhood much as you left it, maybe even a bit more spruced up.

To the newcomers, you have arrived in a neighborhood that has a vast array of diversity and attractions. We urge you to visit the many wonderful neighborhood businesses the Mission Hill area has to offer, from Penguin Pizza to the Mission Bar to Mike’s Donuts, just to name a few.

But also find the time to explore the great institutions and public entities the neighborhood has within its border. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are world-renown art institutions that have works that stir one’s soul. McLaughlin Park is a perfect spot for a pick-up basketball game or many other sport activities, and it will be that much better once the renovation is completed.

And don’t be afraid to venture outside the neighborhood. The Boston area has many fine attractions, ranging from the stunning view of downtown at the Charlestown Navy Yard to the scenic Boston Public Garden to relaxing walks along the Esplanade. Break out of the shell and enjoy the city to the fullest extent possible.

Lastly, we don’t expect you to never have parties and have a good time, but when you do, please be respectful of your neighbors. Many of them are working people who have to wake up early in the morning with their school-attending kids. Together, we can continue the greatness of our neighborhood.

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