City seeks to expand fiber network

The City, which is to investing $10 million in its fiber network, is seeking multiple proposals and options for projects that will provide broadband services to Boston Public Schools, public housing, and more than 100 City buildings, according to a press release.

“Boston is a world-class city — and that needs to include our technology,” said Mayor Martin Walsh, according to the press release. “That’s why my administration has made the first significant fiber network expansion in over ten years. With this investment, we are continuing to provide opportunities for our students, and providing our police, fire and emergency services with the communication and information tools they need. Through expanding the City’s fiber network, we are working to close the digital divide, and make broadband services available to all.”

There are currently over 130 City buildings that are connected to Boston’s Fiber Optic Network, which provides phone service, public safety video surveillance and wireless access points. By using its own fiber network, the City saves millions of dollars per year in telecommunications costs.

Projects proposed should bolster the City’s existing Boston Fiber Network and provide connectivity to the Boston Housing Authority’s developments and public safety sites. This investment will also expand Wicked Free Wi-Fi to a broader geography.

Connectivity and broadband capacity is in demand for Boston Public Schools. Expanding bandwidth capacity to schools would increase access to online testing, online learning, administrative and video services and in-campus Wi-Fi.

The view the Request for Proposals, visit:, select “Access the Supplier Portal” and search for EV00004171.

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